"Hi! I'm Maylis. I love meeting new people from all over the world. That's why I'm already registered on several social networks and I'm so glad we started this myCommuneaty project. I'm in charge of designing the site and growing the community."


"Hey there ! I love to eat and meet new people. I studied engineering and I am still learning about programming. When you click on a button, I probably programmed it, so if something goes wrong, let me know."


We lived in a shared apartment for a long time, and what we loved most about it was the roommate meals, where everyone put their hands together to cook, eat and clean together. Another thing we loved was meeting people from all walks of life. Then, in October 2015, we said to ourselves: Why not make roommate meals with new people?

We began to organize meals in Santiago de Chile, where we lived at the time. A community of about a hundred people was created under the name of SharEat. More than 40 meals were organized using Facebook and Google Apps as discussion platforms.

Then, in 2016, we decided to start creating a website. As the domain name “SharEat” was already used, we changed it to the current name “myCommuneaty”. A first version of the website was released in April 2017, then a second version in March 2019.

Currently, we use it personally in Toulouse, so we say “See you soon” to the Toulouse citizens, and we invite people from other cities to contact us to launch it in other parts of the world!